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School for the Deaf

The School for the Deaf is located in Ciudad Dario, north of Managua. The school is run by a religious order of nuns and has "normal" children along with a special program for the deaf.

Most of these children come from different parts of the country and are living at the school, cared for by the nuns.

Besides this, the nuns also feed ALL the children a lunch on a daily basis (most of the students are displaced from Hurricane Mitch and now live in that area).
We try hard to give 100 pound bags of rice, beans and funds to help in this effort.
Also, the Nicaragua Mission Project pays an art/woodcarving teacher for the deaf children. Most of  the tools and machinery used have been provided by us as well. The school develops the woodcarving, and furniture making skills so the students will have a "livelihood" for the future.



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