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Sending a Child to School

All school children - no matter what school they may be in - must wear a uniform: blue skirt, white blouse, white socks, black shoes. The boys wear blue pants, white shirt, blue tie, white socks, black shoes. That is the biggest expense for a family, especially if they have several children.

We usually sponsor 150 children a year for school. Depending on age/grade level the cost would be $30 for elementary school; $50 for middle school and $100 for high school.
Usually we get the uniforms "bigger" so they can be used for at least two years.

College costs about $50 a month. There are branches of the major colleges in the bigger cities. Presently we have 35 young people going to class and have about 10 graduates, whose jobs after graduation range from office managers, business administrators, hotel managers, priests, and computer programmers.

Two rules to be in the program: Study as hard as you can, giving it your best and no pregnancies ... We are there to help you for a future, a future that you can maintain yourself and a family ---  not to help support your family.

All of the candidates for the college program come from very poor families. Some students we have watched grow through high school and on to college.


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