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Distribution of Goods

At least 170 to 200 people come once a week to our mission for boxes of assorted clothes, shoes, linens, etc. People line up outside the gates of the compound, waiting to receive their boxes of goods. Everyone (with a few exceptions) give a monetary payment for what is given - (not much $2 to $3 for 30/40 items.)

In the beginning of our sending containers, the families kept all these items for themselves and their children. Now, they go to the mountain areas, to other towns, market places and sell the items thus earning a living. In general, this has helped to solve a huge social problem and has given people a sense of dignity and the "I can do this" attitude.

The Nicaragua Mission Project also drops of food to the poor at their homes in poor towns.

Items are also given to the seminary, children's homes, schools, clinic, hospitals, mission chapels, religious shrines, churches things that may include desks, altars, playground toys, furnishings and the list goes on.


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