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The Cow Project

To date about 575 families in and around the mission settlements of Camoapa have a cow. With a $100 donation, we buy a milk cow and when she is pregnant with her first calf, it is given to a family - given to the MOTHER of the family. The cow will birth a calf for each of the next 7 years, thus supplying the family with milk, cream, cheese - and the offspring.

The first two calves are given back to the project to be raised for other families. After  that, the family "owns" the cow and subsequent calves.

For every 12 to 15 cows in a settlement, a bull is provided .
These families are not just "given" a cow ... for months ahead they are "taught" how to care for them, how to work together as a group for grazing purposes, and veterinarian injections, cleaning, everything that goes into a successful venture.

The mother of the family also signs a contract stating that the cow will be cared for, that two calves will be returned to the project, that each month two homemade cheese will be given to another family or an elderly person .... and that they will work together as a group.


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