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We just received our order of 10,000 Bibles - beautifully printed, hard- covered, quality paper. We want to put them into the hands of those people who have completed a retreat and/or in the Evangelization Program, especially in the Diocese of Granada.

For $10 -$15 we can get a Bible into the hands of those who cannot afford one It has to be understood that the Bible has a special place in a "home," usually a special shelf is made to hold the Bible which is usually opened - flowers are around it, perhaps a statue/candle ...It is most respected, honored, as well as used.

An Evangelization Retreat Group has put weekends sessions and efforts into the prisons of Juigalpa and Granada, working with those who society has "forgotten" or despised. Their work is so intense and successful, that one of the prisons has a "parish" within it: catechists, lectors, defenders of the Faith, even retreat leaders, we would like to have Bibles to give to these people as well.


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